Secrets of Gem Solution

Ratna Samadhan
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Instructor: Dr Andrew DuttaLanguage: English

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About the course

This is professional online course on prescribing gemstone remedies from birth horoscopes. Based on practical experience of Dr. Andrew Dutta's own 23 years of experience and of his astrological family of 224 years of changing people's lives for the good. Rules, techniques, approaches revealed in this course cannot be found in any books or publications of astrology. These are professional secrets revealed by a world class professional. Total 189 pages worth of study materials and practical cases studies and over 12 hours of video tutoring. 

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Reviews and Testimonials

Pranam Sir,
I have just started reading gem video course but could not stop myself writing you. Its really gain of knowledge. I am a beginner in astrology and reading it as my interest. During my graduation..20 yrs great astrologer of our area changed my mindset from his accurate predictions..astrology works. Learning and gaining knowledge from your courses.thank you again Sir..
Anuradha Nautiyal
M Tech (Lasers), India

Hi Dr. Dutta,
I am very happy and pleased with your video course on Gem Solutions. The explanations in the videos and the study materials are excellent. You have converted me a non-believer into a believer. I will surely try out your family's methods.
Cheers !
John Tierney, Washington, USA

Good evening sir, Myself Dr Arun Kumar Negi wants to give you feedback and some suggestions..I am member of your JASA magazine..besides this I have all your Video courses from BTR to latest one of SECRETS OF ASTROLOGICAL GEM SOLUTIONS till date. You have almost covered all topics/subjects of KP Astrology very beautifully..I am expecting now Vedic astrology video courses from your sea of knowledge..e.g Match matching video course by both Vedic as well as KP technique. Vedic astrology complete course etc etc nutshell I am expecting Vedic astrology courses of different sub topics e.g STUDY OF DIVISIONAL CHARTS , PREDICTING EVENTS USING VARIOUS DASHA SYSTEMS. MEDICAL ASTROLOGY ETC..Sir as I am a learning astrologer ,your all video courses seems very very beneficial to me..I have no words to define my feeling..these are my suggestions ..

Thanks .
Dr Arun Kumar Negi

Pranam Andrew Ji,
Your Gems video has opened my eyes. I always thought that Destiny and Fate is same, but you have opened my eyes and now I know why Destiny cannot be changed and Fate can be changed with gems stone. You are the fountain of knowledge and divine shakti Sir. Please accpet my respect. I want to consult you personally sir. Please give your personal number please sir.
Jaisingh Khattar, Rohtak

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