World's most practical and easiest platform to learn applied Indian Vedic (Hindu) astrology and Krishnamurti Paddhati (KP System) jyotisha from a globally reputed astrologer --Dr. Andrew Dutta (Sri Indrajit), hailing from a family of astrologer practicing since last 224 years. Dr. Andrew Dutta is internationally reputed astrology Guru teaching in India, Europe and America with his video courses since 2007.


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Since 2007 Dr. Andrew Dutta (Sri Indrajit) has been teaching original and authentic KP system astrology through his video courses. His fame and reputation as an astrology Guru for many modern days gurus is spread far and wide not only in India but also in the Europe and America. 

In Easy Astrology Learning platform you will learn directly from him through his videos and practical study notes, cases, tips and tricks all original and authentic astrology without any confusion and jargons. We assure you that you will be able to read and interpret any horoscope in the shortest possible time. Thats a promise from Dr. Andrew Dutta.


Our Featured Course Categories

Our astrology courses are primarily of three categories: Indian Vedic astrology courses, Krishnamurti Paddhati (KP system) astrology courses and Practical Topic-based astrology Courses.

Vedic Astrology Courses

Instructor :  Dr Andrew Dutta

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KP Astrology Courses

Instructor : Dr Andrew Dutta


 Topic Based Astrology Courses

Instructor : Dr Andrew Dutta


Dr. Andrew Dutta (a.k.a Sri Indrajit)

23+ Years  of Experience

Hailing from a family of astrologers practicing astrology professionally for the last 224 years in India. Maternal great grandfather late Sri Surendranath Jyotisrbachaspati of Khulna, Bangaldesh started this tradition followed by his mother late Srimati Debalina of Kolkata. Trained in Vedic astrology by famous joytishi of Kolkata "Jyotiryogi" (Sri Pramod Ranjan Mohanto) and KP system astrology by late P.V.K. Punneswara Rao of Hyderabad (who was the disciple of late V.B.N. Sarma of Warrangal--the direct student of late K.S. Krishnamurti, the inventor of KP astrology). Dr. Andrew Dutta has received many awards and accolades in astrology and maintains high standards of original and authentic astrology teaching tradition for his students.


Videos on Youtube

Dr. Andrew Dutta is a very popular YouTube astrologer since 2007 who have been spreading the right knowledge about astrology through his various video blogs, free lessons and interviews.

Horoscope Prediction Services

You can also get professional astrology prediction services for various areas of your life from Dr. Andrew Dutta (Sri Indrajit)

Annual Predictions
Annual Predictions

Get annual forecasts for your life for any 12 months at any time of the year.

Any Life Problems

Any unique problem in your life? No worries. Get in touch with Dr Andrew Dutta now.

Birth Time Rectification
Birth Time Correction

Not sure about your birth time? Get your birth time corrected to the nearest second.

Child Birth Astrology
Child Birth Astrology

Know for sure when you can have your own child. Know and plan your family.

Choosing Muhurta

Find the best time for starting any activity. Best electional astrology service for Muhurat.

Education & Career

Know your best fields of success for education and career. Find out times of professional success.

Foreign Travels

Know the future of your foreign travels and scope for immigration, permanent residency and visa.

Health & Disease

Medical astrology predictions can help you to remain aware about your health, diseases and times of surgery.

Marriage Matching

Are you marrying the right person? How will be your married life? Will your love affair lead to marriage? Get all your answers.

Prashna (Horary)

No birth time? No problem. You can get correct prediction for any specific question you have in your mind and about any matter.

Remedial Astrology

Upayas and remedies can help you alleviate many troubles of your life. Know the most effective remedies for your life.

Wealth & Income

Know your wealth and income fortune from Dr Andrew Dutta. Correct assessment of your financial ups and downs in life.

Become a Certified Astrologer

All our courses on easyastrologylearning.com can enable you to become a Certified astrology professional. Upon successful completion of the entire course, you can appear for a Proficiency Test to receive your Certificate of Proficiency from Bhagya Ratna Foundation, Kolkata and signatured by Dr. Andrew Dutta himself.

Our Certificate of Proficiency can launch you to your successful practice with international standards. 



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